What’s New in RouterOS v6.39.3 MikroTik

RouterOS release new Update (Bugfix)
What’s new in 6.39.3 (2017-Oct-12 11:24):


*) arp – properly update dynamic ARP entries after interface related changes;

*) bonding – fixed 802.3ad mode on RB1100AHx4;

*) bonding – improved reliability on bonding interface removal;

*) console – fixed different command auto complete;

*) crs1xx/2xx – fixed 1 Gbps forced mode for several SFP modules;

*) crs317 – added L2MTU support;

*) crs3xx – improved packet processing in slowpath;

*) dhcp – fixed downgrade from RouterOS v6.41 or higher;

*) dhcpv4-server – fixed lease renew for DHCP clients that sends renewal with “ciaddr =”;

*) dhcpv6-client – do not run DHCPv6 client when IPv6 package is disabled;

*) dhcpv6-client – fixed IA evaluation order;

*) dhcpv6-client – require pool name to be unique;

*) dhcpv6-server – do not release address of static binding from pool after server removal;

*) discovery – fixed timeouts for LLDP neighbours;

*) ethernet – fixed occasional broken interface order after reset/first boot;

*) ethernet – fixed rare linking problem with forced 10Mbps full-duplex mode;

*) export – fixed export for PoE-OUT related settings;

*) export – fixed wireless “ssid” and “supplicant-identity” compact export;

*) fasttrack – fixed fasttrack over interfaces with dynamic MAC address;

*) firewall – fixed bridge “action=log” rules;

*) firewall – fixed crash o

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